Front Wash Units

Dream In Reality Group is one of the leading and prestigious ‘Salon & Beauty’ furniture companies. At present the sales for the group have reached 102 countries across the globe. The main head office is located in Birmingham and with the benefit of its central location it's also the site of our domestic and European warehouse & distribution depot. D.I.R has showrooms in Birmingham and London in the UK



Front Wash Unit Brooklyn

Front Wash Unit Brooklyn

(DIR Code : 6803)

Dir Front Wash Unit Brooklyn (Dir Code: 6803)  The Barber Front wash unit Brook..

€488.00 Inc. VAT: €600.24

Alpaka Frontwash

Alpaka Frontwash

(DIR Code : 6808)

Dir Front Wash Unit ALPAKA (Dir Code: 6808) The ALPAKA Front wash unit is d..

€710.00 Inc. VAT: €873.30

Front Wash  Taylor

Front Wash Taylor

(DIR Code : 6858)

Dir Front Wash Unit Taylor (Dir Code: 6858) The Taylor Front wash unit is d..

€946.00 Inc. VAT: €1,163.58